Rakhi Singh – Six in Sixty

Early bird or night owl? 

Early bird.

One routine you swear by? 

Some sort of physical routine first thing in the morning to set yourself up for the day – stretching, breathing, yoga-ing, making noise, anything to get the body going and to freshen up the soul after sleep. 

Can’t travel without…?

Essential oils and a boiled egg (this is a running joke in our family as we often have food in our bags, just in case we get stranded… it happens!).

Who or what has influenced you most in your career? 

My partner Seb is a producer, and he has influenced me musically but also in my outlook.

Favourite city and why? 

Apart from our hometown Manchester, of course, we recently did a show in Montreal and the audience was brilliant, getting up to dance and just expressing themselves a lot, which is always nice for us on stage to feel.

Favourite city to perform in and why?

I have always loved Amsterdam – I’m thrilled that we’re doing our first gigs there this season. The pinnacle of my short-lived and otherwise underwhelming singing career was performing a Christmas concert at the Concertgebouw.

Guilty pleasure/indulgence?

Indulgence – guilt is a wasted emotion and often just a mask for something else. If I’ve chosen to indulge then I’m going to enjoy it as well as knowing the consequences!

Rakhi Singh is a violinist, composer and Co-Founder of Manchester Collective. To discover more about her upcoming projects, visit rakhisinghmusic.co.uk/ and manchestercollective.co.uk/