Help & FAQ’s

Welcome to the new International Arts Manager

There are a few changes to the magazine and how it is delivered and below is a how to to help you.

If you are having any difficulty in accessing your account or downloading the magazine please get in touch here.

For existing subscribers

Please select the ‘Subscribers login’ button at the top of the home page.

Input your username or email address that you used to either set up your account or used to previously receive the download link to the magazine.
If you have lost or don’t remember setting up a password please select the ‘Lost password’ link and follow the instructions. If you are having problems accessing your account please get in touch through here and we will reply and resolve any problems as soon as we can.

From your account page you can access your subscription details and the magazines you have available on your subscription. Please note that the magazines are published monthly and all new publications will be delivered here to your account page.

From the ‘Downloads’ tab you will be able to access your magazines.

Click on the Issue and it will download a PDF copy of the magazine direct to your device.

New Subscribers

Please select the ‘Subscribe to IAM’ button at the top of the home page.

Select the type of subscription you would prefer.

Once your payment has been received you will be able to access your account in the same way as above.

Please note that the magazines are published monthly and the time of your subscription will include the magazine that is published for that month and then a following 11 or 23 magazines depending on the length of your subscription.

The New Flip Book

International Arts Magazine is now available as an interactive flip book.

Here you’ll be able to view video, hear audio and link to external websites.

To access the Flip book, click on the IAM icon in the top righthand corner of the downloaded PDF.

This is restricted content so only available to subscribers, you will need to login to access the flip book.
You will need to login to your account and then select the link on the front cover of the magazine.