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Rakhi Singh – Six in Sixty

Early bird or night owl?  Early bird. One routine you swear by?  Some sort of physical routine first thing in the morning to set yourself ... Read more

Pass the baton: conductors on the move

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra has appointed Cristian Măcelaru as its new Music Director to succeed Louis Langrée. Măcelaru, who made his debut with the orchestral ... Read more

Rebel in the Arts: An uncomfortable truth

By Grace Okereke In March 2020 the UK came to a grinding halt. Seemingly overnight we closed our borders, we stayed in our homes, and ... Read more

2024 Edinburgh Festival Preview: Uniting through the arts

Under the theme “Rituals That Unite Us”, the Edinburgh International Festival, led by Nicola Benedetti, promises a rich tapestry of opera, dance, music and theatre, ... Read more

sideNotes: Thinking big

A spectacular sound experience, featuring 50 pianos. By Florian Riem I always loved the grandeur of several keyboards alongside each other. Herbert von Karajan used ... Read more

Introducing … Lyra

Q Who is Lyyra?  Lyyra is a new six-voice women’s a cappella ensemble based in the US, created by the VOCES8 Foundation. We started the ... Read more

The View from Here

Now’s the time: Supporting leaders of colour in the arts. By Lisa Richards Toney, President and CEO, Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP) The ecosystem of ... Read more