Michael Chance – Six in Sixty

Early bird or night owl? 

A lifetime of performing, often late, made me the latter.

One routine you swear by? 

Tea first thing (Orange Pekoe leaf), strong Italian coffee mid-morning. 

Can’t travel without…?

My reading glasses, often left behind, in spite of having multiple pairs.

Who or what has influenced you most in your career? 

My career has been mostly as a singer. Teacher Rupert Bruce-Lockhart; coach Paul Hamburger; Kent Opera visionary Norman Platt; and early encourager and employer John Eliot-Gardiner. Running The Grange Festival, I’ve just tried to listen and learn.

Favourite city to perform in and why?

Siena. I have a summer course there (SienAgosto) and each year more doors are opened, and more delights revealed.

Guilty pleasure/indulgence?

Digestive biscuits. Pure and simple.

Michael Chance is the Artistic Director and CEO of The Grange Festival which takes place in Hampshire in the UK between 6 June and
6 July, 2024. 

To discover more about The Grange Festival, visit thegrangefestival.co.uk/