Yamaha’s series of silent concerts

Yamaha is curating a series of concerts that will be performed on one of its silent pianos. Audiences at the Silent Piano Sessions will hear the music through wireless headphones as the performers play a CFX Concert Grand, originally launched in 2010.

“This concert series promises to not only showcase the astonishing ability of some of the best pianists in the UK, but will also be an exciting and surprising event like no other concert-going experience,” said Yamaha in a statement.

So far four concerts have been announced, with pianists Tomasz Zyrmont (7 September), Eren Önsoy (14 September), Andrew Zolinsky (21 September) and Varvara Tarasova (28 September) in the programme.

Yamaha’s Silent Pianos are acoustic pianos that can be switched to a silent performance mode. When engaged, the piano hammers are stopped before striking the strings, with sensors picking up the movements instead. This allows the sound of the piano to be recreated using digital technology.

The concerts, which are free of charge, will take place at Yamaha Music London. Capacity is limited to just 40 people per performance, with tickets booked through Yamaha Music London’s website.