World Choir Games set for South Africa

For the first time in its history the World Choir Games (WCG) will take place on the continent of Africa, with South Africa selected as the 2018 host. The event, which has run since 2000 for amateur choirs, is billed as ‘the Olympic games of choral music,’ and will feature thousands of participants from all over the world.

‘Having South Africa as our host makes a long-cherished dream come true – the biggest celebration of choral music will finally take place for the first time on the continent that gave the world singing, rhythm and dancing,’ said INTERKULTUR president Günter Titsch. Based in Germany, INTERKULTUR is the non-profit organiser behind WCG, as well as several other choral events and competitions.

Titsch added that South Africa has always had a strong presence at WCG events: ‘It comes with a varied and vital choral scene like scarcely another country. 52 choirs participated altogether 93 times at 31 different INTERKULTUR events, and brought home gold and silver medals.’

Taking place every two years, WCG consists of the main competition, concerts, masterclasses, workshops, seminars and parades. Each choir has to perform an ‘official song’ at the event which, in 2016, is One Song – One World composed by Igor Shadyuk.

The 2016 competition runs from 6-16 July in Sochi, Russia. Past hosts include South Korea (Busan), Germany (Bremen), China (Xiamen and Shaoxing), Austria (Linz and Graz), United States (Cincinnati) and Latvia (Riga).

WCG 2018 will run from 4-14 July in Tshwane, South Africa.