WFIMC and IDAGIO announce partnership

The World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC) has signed a principal partnership with classical music streaming service, IDAGIO.

Following discussions since 2017, founder and CEO of IDAGIO, Till Janczukowicz and secretary general of WFIMC, Benjamin Woodroffe announced WFIMC will recognise IDAGIO as its official audio streaming partner.

“This partnership will allow the WFIMC to share the music and personalities of the laureates of our member competitions. IDAGIO’s commitment to classical music and excellence matches our own perfectly and there is a vast audience of young musicians that will enjoy using the IDAGIO platform to hear one another.” Commented Woodroffe.

Founded in 1957, WFIMC aims to establish a global network of internationally recognised organisations that through public competition discover promising young talents in classical music. While IDAGIO has been dubbed ‘the Spotify for classical fans’.

Janczukowicz said, “From orchestra players, teachers and laureates to the Pollinis and Ageriches of tomorrow: future musicians are digital natives. Their challenges differ from those of the past. They need digital tools to share music, inspire fans and reach new audiences. A challenge and also a huge opportunity. IDAGIO is proud to provide competitions and laureates with a platform to reach audiences around the globe faster and easier than ever.” |