Serious money at Montréal International Musical Competition

Montréal International Musical Competition (MIMC) has upped its first place prize to a salivation-inducing CAD102,500 (€68,700). The new offer will be available during its violin tournament in 2019.

“MIMC officials are proud to announce that violin 2019’s first prize is valued at over CAD100,000,” announced organisers in a press release. “This is an all-time high for a first prize at the CMIM, increasing from CAD80,000 to CAD102,500 thanks to the generosity of valued partners City of Montréal, Azrieli Foundation, Makers’ Forum, and Banff Center for Arts and Creativity.”

Smash open the piggybank, and you’ll find the pennies split as follows:

  • City of Montréal – CAD30,000
  • Azrieli Foundation – CAD50,000
  • Makers’ Forum – violin and bow worth CAD20,000
  • Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity  – residency worth CAD2,5000

MIMC also announced it is now accepting applications for 2019. Violinists born between 1 January, 1990 and 31 December, 2003 can apply before the deadline of 15 November.

The competition runs from 26 May – 6 June, 2019.