Pokémon symphony to play Paris and London

The launch of Pokémon Go on 6 July has sent a Pokémon craze across the world that has been hard to avoid. Now fans have the chance to catch the music from the games in concert as well as the Pokémon themselves, with Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions coming to Paris on 7-8 October and London on 19-20 December.

PokémonThe event series is now in its third year, and features music from the game performed by symphony orchestras. The London concert will include a performance from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, with visuals from the games accompanying the music. The Paris concert features STL Symphony.

It also offers fans the opportunity to ‘catch, battle, and trade Pokémon from your favourite games.’

‘It was a franchise that was never paid much attention to in this regard,’ said producer Jeron Moore. ‘We saw there was a lot of potential there.’ Moore has previously organised concert tours featuring music taken from the Zelda series of games.

Other upcoming concerts include Santiago (12 August), Milwaukee (30 September) and Dallas (29 October).