Play it again: new project promotes contemporary music makers

Resonate – a new collaboration between PRS for Music foundation, the Association of British Orchestras and BBC Radio 3 – is offering support of up to GBP10,000 (€11,900) to British orchestras who incorporate contemporary British music into their repertoire. The partnership is looking for UK orchestras committed to touring, programming or promoting a contemporary classical piece from an extensive database of over 500 pieces.

The project’s goal is to give give exposure to contemporary orchestral pieces, creating opportunities for the next generation of composers and musicians. It will do this by encouraging repeat performances of new music, thus familiarising audiences with contemporary orchestral work – described as the ‘lifeblood of classical music’ by BBC Radio 3’s head of music programming and policy Edward Blakeman.

Blakeman added that he wants to, ‘enable audiences in the concert hall and our millions of listeners on-air to rediscover a whole range of important works that reflect the rich heritage of orchestral composition in the UK in recent decades.’

Vanessa Reed, executive director at PRS for Music Foundation, said she is looking for orchestras to showcase ‘the huge number of brilliant pieces for orchestra that deserve more exposure.’

The deadline to apply is 15 September. The full database of pieces can be found at