Pianists set new world record

An incredible 639 pianists have set a new world record for piano ensembles. The musicians played 666 pianos simultaneously in Hebei Province, China.

Among the musicians were Patricia Frehlich, Alexander Schimpf and Grigory Gruzman. 40 of them played on stage, with the rest filling up a nearby square.

Once everyone was seated they performed Franz Schubert’s Marches Militaires No 1 in D Major. Their effort beat the previous record, which was set when 555 pianists played together in Incheon, South Korea back in 2007.

Organisers estimated that the instruments were worth more than €6m. Money raised during the event will be given to charities that help children with visual impairments.

The record was overseen by Guinness World Records certification officer Luo Qiong.