Order a takeaway dance show from Norrdans

Norrdans – the contemporary dance company based in Sweden – has come up with perhaps the most personal response to COVID-19 so far. The company is delivering in-person performances outside of people’s houses, completely for free.

“When people can’t get to the art, creative solutions are needed,” said Norrdans artistic director Martin Forsberg, adding that the company hopes to provide, “a glimmer of light in everyday life.”

The performance takes the form of a five-minute solo or duet dance, which is performed by company dancers in front of the audience’s home. The audience can safely watch from inside. The scheme is called Takeway, and runs until 30 April.

The dances are aimed at vulnerable people – such as the elderly or those with pre-existing health conditions – who are currently in isolation. Norrdans dancers can travel anywhere in the Västernorrland area to give the performances.

Anyone interested in having a dance performed for an at-risk friend or relative can contact takeaway@norrdans.se for more details.