Mumbai dancer could be the next Misty Copeland

A ballet dancer from Mumbai is raising money to study in New York City through a crowd funding campaign. Amir Shan has been offered a place at the prestigious American Ballet Theatre (ABT) Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School, but currently cannot afford the fee.

Shan’s talent was first spotted Yehuda Ma’or, assistant director at Navdhara India Dance Theatre in Mumbai. “Amir could achieve great heights as a classical ballet dancer and be a major star,” said Ma’or in an interview with The Indian Express.

After seeing Shan dance at the Danceworx Academy of Performing Arts in the Mumbai suburb of Bandra, Ma’or offered him a place in one of his classes, stating: “He learned the language very naturally … he is truly in line to be the next generation’s Misty Copeland – a history maker in the world of ballet.”

“Sometimes I think without ballet I wouldn’t have anything,” commented Shan. “I’ve had this dream for a long time now: to become a principal dancer at ABT. I hope I can become one, and will keep pushing myself until I get there.”

Shan’s parents are not wealthy – his father is a welder and his mother a homemaker – so cannot afford the USD29,000 (€26,000) tuition fee. Instead, Shan is attempting to raise money through local efforts in Mumbai, while Ma’or has launched a Go Fund Me campaign. Ma’or’s campaign has currently made USD6,480 towards is USD20,000 goal.

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