Lincoln Center to reopen with 10 outdoor stages

The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts will reopen on 7 April with events across 10 outdoor stages. The reopening – branded as Restart Stages – ties in with World Health Day and will include a special performance dedicated to health workers.

Restart Stages will see 10 performance platforms created across the Lincoln Center complex, following health guidelines to ensure safety for audiences and performers. The project is part of the NY State PopsUp and New York Arts Revival schemes run by the state government.

The 10 stages include a cabaret stage on Hearst Plaza; a kids’ stage; an outdoor reading room in partnership with The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts; and outdoor rehearsal rooms. New York City Ballet, Lincoln Center Theater and Film at Lincoln Center are among the organisations taking part.

“The cultural community has an urgent role to play in the revitalisation of New York, to showcase that our city is not just back economically, but spiritually and socially,” said Lincoln Center president and CEO Henry Timms.

“We are building this outdoor campus to be ready, so that when the time comes, we do not miss a single day. We will fling our metaphorical doors wide open on day one in celebration of New York and the resolute, remarkable people who make it the best city on earth.”

In addition to the art events, Restart Stages includes health-related projects like a blood donation centre and a food bank.