My Life: a week with Natalia Kaliada

Natalia Kaliada, founder and artistic director of the Belarus Free Theatre, shares a week in her life. 


I’m with Nicolai Khalezin, my husband and co-founder of Belarus Free Theatre, and my brother, Yuri Kaliada, having coffee with Dr Larry Lynch, director of the Academy of Music and Theatre Arts at Falmouth University. Lynch is interested in BFT’s teaching methods, including our Total Immersion technique, and we hope to create around a dozen plays with the students. We have a phone meeting with producer Gary Richens about a short film we’ve been making with the Young Vic and the Guardian called Connection. The script was written by Nicolai together with Laura Wade, and is directed by Vladimir Shcherban. It stars Jude Law and Nicolai; Jude has become not only a trustee of our theatre company, but also a close friend and partner.

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