Jane Chu to leave NEA

Jane Chu will step down as chair of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) on 4 June. She has spent four years in the post and overseen the distribution of more than USD400m (€334m) in grants to arts organisations across the US.

During her tenure she has twice faced down defunding threats from the Trump administration. However, she made no mention of this in her announcement, and the NEA’s budget was recently boosted to USD152m.

Said Chu: “The NEA is doing effective and meaningful work to help the arts thrive and connect to individuals and in communities large and small, densely populated, rural, and remote in all 50 states, US territories, and in every Congressional District.

“In my travels to 200 communities in all 50 states – making more than 400 site visits – I have talked with visual artists, musicians, dancers, actors, and writers who are powerfully creating America’s culture. Children from all walks of life are expanding their skills artistically and academically through the arts. And arts organisations are not only providing programs for audiences, they are also seen as leaders in their communities because the arts can bring people together. I am personally inspired and impressed by them.”

President Trump will pick Chu’s successor.