Ireland’s Making Great Art Work

Seven innovative new projects have been granted a total of €800,000 in the Irish Arts Council’s Making Great Art Work scheme.

The projects awarded, chosen from 133 applicants, tackle contemporary and pertinent issues such as homelessness, borders, the marginalisation of people and reconnecting with Irish heritage.

The jury, which includes head of the Arts Council Sheila Pratschke, German television executive Carsten Dufner and Edinburgh Fringe Festival director Fergus Linehan, chose the seven projects based on their ambitious nature, and the participation of members of the public.

The seven winners of the grant are:

Crash Emsemble 20×20: a tour of new works by contemporary orchestra Crash Ensemble, planned for 2017 to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary

The Tree Line Project: a project reinvigorating James Joyce Street in Dublin City Centre through the installation of screens playing parts of James Joyce’s Ulysses, planting of trees mentioned in the novel, and various street events

Sven Anderson and Gerard Byrne’s The Visible: a video installation exploring the concept of visibility through a series of diverse works by commissioned artists

Irish State Music: A concert at Dublin Castle in August 2017 celebrating Ireland’s musical heritage

Latitude by Marie Barrett: a site-specific visual arts piece exploring the concept of borders

Wide Eyes Early Years Festival: an international arts festival designed for children under six and their families

Where We Live: five pieces of site-specific theatre exploring homelessness.

Elizabeth Logan