Inflatable sets and traditional Thai music in Neon Dance tours

Neon Dance has a new show that takes place in an inflatable space. Puzzle Creature debuted on 15 September in Japan, and will tour the UK later this month.

Created by choreographer Adrienne Hart Puzzle Creature is partly inspired by the experimental architecture of Madeline Gins and Shusaku Arakawa. In fact, the creative team lived in one of their complexes (Reversible Destiny Lofts) during part of the R&D process.

The show also includes an original score for eight speakers from UK composer Sebastian Reynolds. Puzzle Creature is completed by a set designed by Numen / For Use and costumes from Ana Rajcevic.

A second Neon Dance show is also heading on tour. Mahajanaka Dance Drama is inspired by folk tale Mahajanaka and is on tour in the UK from 13-21 November. With another score from Reynolds, the show boasts performances from Thai musicians Pradit Saengkrai and Great Lekakul.

Full tour dates for both shows can be found on the Neon Dance website.