Improving your online presence

Looking for something to do during lockdown? Marketing consultant Jessica Fender says now is the perfect time to perfect your online presence.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the world of art. Shows around the world have been cancelled, artists have lost their jobs, and industry has lost millions in revenue.

Today, most of us ask the same question, “What can we do to minimise the negative impact of the COVID-19 lockdown?” One of the best solutions is to build a solid content marketing strategy aimed to improve online presence.

Here are ten tips for creating remarkable content that reaches a wider audience.

1) Build your website

The website is your digital business card. It’s your platform for communication with the target audience. If you haven’t designed your website yet, you must do it right now. In case if you have a website but haven’t updated it for a while, you should tweak the design and add content related to your past and upcoming shows, information about the artists, and reviews.


2) Start your blog

Do you have a blog? You should definitely have one to grow your online presence. You can add a blog to your existing website, or you can start publishing your articles on platforms like Blogger, Medium, or Squarespace.

Are you looking for topic ideas to cover in your blog? Share stories of your artists. Write about what has inspired you to create/produce/perform the show. Tell about what is happening behind the stage. Show your expertise in the field – discuss art-related topics and educate your target audience.

“Do you publish your branded content on YouTube and Instagram only? That’s not enough”

3) Focus on social media

Do you publish your branded content on YouTube and Instagram only? That’s not enough. If you want to improve online presence, you should create content for each and every platform your target audience uses.

And keep in mind that you can’t share the same content across different social media websites. You should create different content for different platforms for two reasons. Firstly, some of your fans follow you on more than one platform, and they want to consume diverse content.

Secondly, your audience’s demographics vary from platform to platform, and you need to customise your content to boost engagement. For instance, your TikTok followers are younger than your LinkedIn followers, and they have different content preferences. Take that into account when researching content ideas and writing captions.

4) Know your audience

What type of content does your audience look for online? Do your fans want to educate themselves about art? Or, maybe they just want to hear industry news or backstage gossips?

Find the answer to this question before moving to content production. Get a clear picture of what content resonates with your target audience to put your efforts in the right direction.

Here a few things you can do. You can monitor your fans’ activity on social media and watch which posts they “like” the most. Also, you can conduct a survey and ask your fans directly what kind of content they prefer to consume. Besides, you can check your competitors’ social media profiles and see what type of content works for them.

5) Leverage storytelling

People do not remember dates and facts. But they remember stories. So if you want to increase reach and engagement, you should leverage storytelling in your content strategy.

Whenever you write an article, Instagram post, or tweet, consider whether you can turn your idea into a short story. Create a narrative that will appeal to the readers and make them emotionally attached to your performing art brand. Are you a bad storyteller? Check good writing websites to get professional assistance and create captivating stories.


6) Take advantage of user-generated content

Do your fans share reviews about your show or your company on social media? You can use content generated by your fans to your advantage. You can publish it on your platforms to build trust with your target audience.

Come up with a branded hashtag and promote it on social media. Encourage your followers to use this hashtag in captions and to tag your account when publishing posts related to your brand.

How to use user-generated content in the right way? Ask content creators permission to share the chosen post, photo, or video. Do it to show appreciation and avoid possible copyright infringement issues.

“People do not remember dates and facts. But they remember stories”

7) Create a social media challenge

Another great way to improve online presence is to create a social media challenge. If you have more than 2,000 followers on social media, you can invite people to participate in a fun challenge to support your art project. You can ask followers to repeat a fun dance movement, make a selfie in a funky pose, or complete any other action.

The more people agree to participate, the wider the audience you will reach. So make sure that the rules of your challenge are easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow.

8) Be you authentic self

Some artists and artist management companies try to copy the style and content of the more popular artists and brands that work in their niche. And it’s an absolutely wrong approach to building online presence.

If you want people to notice you and remember your name, be the most authentic self. Don’t feel ashamed to talk about the problems you face and don’t try to hide your drawbacks. Remember that your imperfections are the things that distinguish your brand from others.

9) Publish new content on a regular basis

Do you really want to improve your online presence? Keep publishing fresh content on a regular basis. Post at least one new article every week. And share social media posts on a semi-daily basis.

Consistency is the key to success. Therefore, you should build a realistic content marketing plan and stick to it.

10) Stay positive

The COVID-19 has changed the world we work and live in, and we should embrace the changes.

The lockdown will not last forever, so you should be ready to get back to work. Start improving your online presence today and you will not only minimise the negative impact caused by pandemic but also make your performing art business thrive in the long run.

Jessica Fender is a marketing consultant, blogger, and professional writer. Currently, she is focused on creating innovative and customer-friendly strategies for All Top Reviews and other educational platforms. You can follow Jessica on Twitter.