Hull 2017 team forms permanent arts company

The organisation behind Hull’s reign as this year’s UK City of Culture will continue on as a permanent national arts company.

Based in Hull, Culture Company will commission a programme of arts aimed at residents and visitors.

The organisation will work strategically with local and national partners in an effort to carry on the city’s cultural legacy. It will also act in a consultancy and advocacy role, drawing on the expertise gained during Hull’s time as the UK City of Culture.

Martin Green, Director of Hull 2017, said: “We want to capitalise on the knowledge and expertise gained as Culture Company, supporting city efforts to help ensure a lasting cultural legacy for Hull, as well as helping to embed culture into policymaking for cities.

“The acknowledged success of Hull being UK City of Culture is the result of many partners, organisationally and individually coming together and this collective energy will remain critical to ensuring a meaningful cultural legacy. Over the next weeks and months we will be embarking on conversations with people across the city to inform the development of the company and its work.”

John Glen, Minister for Art, Heritage and Tourism, said: “Hull is building on the momentum of UK City of Culture to forge a strong and lasting creative legacy.

“Hull 2017 has been truly transformational. It has driven investment and brought world-class art and culture to new audiences and this ambitious plan will keep culture at the city’s heart for years to come.”