Hong Kong Dance Company 2022/23 Dance Season: Here and Now

Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC) is thrilled to announce the launch of its 2022/23 Dance Season this September! For more than two years, we have had to contend with the many challenges under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite all the uncertainties we have faced, our dancers have persisted in their training during the lockdowns. They have been longing to return to the theatre and to the stage. They are ready physically and mentally – to dance “Here and Now”!

The new season gets off to a joyful start with Myth of the Dancing Durumi, an anthology of Korean folk dance. Hong Kong Dance Company is bringing works of Seoul and Yanbian artists together in Hong Kong for the first time, to showcase the traditional charm and contemporary elegance inherent in Korean dance.

Next is the triumphant return of the thought-provoking dance poem Shan Shui: An Ode to Nature. This exquisite dance work awakens paintings of ancient scenery of mountains and water that have slept for thousands of years, and depicts their spiritual world with dance that transcends time. It premiered in 2021 to great acclaim and was selected as one of ISPA 2022’s Pitch New Works projects. HKDC’s three-year research study on Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese Dance has brought elements of Chinese martial arts into dance training, constructed a richer texture of dance and taken the dance performance in Shan Shui to another level.

Romance, heroic adventures, heart-rending stories. There are contemporary reinterpretations of Chinese literary classics and fables, with new artistic and creative dimensions. Memorable characters in pop culture and their fantastical, imaginative world will also be brought to life on the stage in Twirl of the Heartstrings, a production that seamlessly interweaves dance, music and imagery with iconic excerpts from the Company’s repertoire.

Memory-filled fragments of fragility, resilience, conflict, and struggle… now all reflect and refract within a trance-like chasm. Womanhood explores the theme of change of identities over time from the female perspective that tell stories embedded in our day-to-day lives.

Besides mainstage productions, HKDC’s “8/F Platform” series serves as an artistic arena to nurture young dancers and will remain a staple for audiences to enjoy innovative new works.

Hong Kong Dance Company is also dedicated to art education. Interactive performance All About The Three Kingdoms invites audiences of all age to share the joy of artistic creation and the beauty of Chinese dance. In the summer of 2023, HKDC’s professional dancers and more than 400 young talents from our Children’s and Youth Troupes will present a delightful song-filled dance drama The Kids in Rainbow Jerseys. This Olympic-themed dance drama is a fine example of the indomitable spirit of perseverance that drives both dancer and athlete.

Watch a preview video of the entire season here

Established in 1981, the Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC) was incorporated in 2001 as a charitable and non-profit-making institution, and is financially supported by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. As one of the nine flagship performing arts companies in Hong Kong, HKDC’s mission is to promote Chinese dance with contemporary artistic vision and Hong Kong character. Since its inception, the Company has staged over 200 productions over the decades. It is also on a quest to infuse Chinese martial arts into dance, seeking new expressions of movement and aesthetics that embody its cultural roots.

As a cultural ambassador of Hong Kong, HKDC constantly brings the city’s unique artistic style to the world by touring to different cities across the globe, encouraging cultural exchange. In recent years, it has toured to New York, Washington D.C., Toronto, Sydney, London, Minsk, Seoul, Beijing, Guangzhou, Taipei, Shanghai, Hangzhou, among others.