Fundraising progress for Trisha Brown

New York-based Trisha Brown Dance Company has raised half of the funds needed to help secure the legacy of its outgoing founder and artistic director.

A total of USD2.5m (€1.8m) has been raised so far, following the launch of the fundraising campaign just over a year ago.

Prior to Trisha Brown’s departure, the award-winning choreographer laid out a strategy to safeguard the vision and mission of the company. This included maintaining and developing the company’s education initiatives; a commitment to presenting dance in a variety of spaces; and an emphasis on using the company’s archives to help people understand more about her work.

Brown appointed Diane Madden and Carolyn Lucas (now both associate directors) to implement the strategy. Dancers past and present, board members and funders were all part of a consultation on how best to deliver Brown’s future vision.

As well as the fundraising campaign, the company has also teamed up with PARTS in Belgium and Gibney Dance in New York, which will teach Brown’s choreographic principles to the next generation of dancers.

Photo: Trisha Brown’s I’m going to toss my arms – if you catch them they’re yours © 2011 Laurent Philippe