Digital contest invites ideas from tech start-ups

UK start-ups are being offered the chance to work with some of the country’s biggest arts, entertainment and retail brands.

The Digital Innovation Contest: Cross Sector Exploration will offer nine businesses up to GBP25,000 (€30,080) to implement digital strategies at various leading companies, including the Barbican, BFI, Live Nation and SYCO Entertainment.

The contest is run by IC, part of the UK’s Technology Strategy Board.

Matt Sansam, programme manager at IC tomorrow, said: ‘This competition is an exciting opportunity for start-ups looking to see their ideas come to life.

‘Our main objective is to pair today’s burgeoning tech talent with established businesses and organisations so they can share insights on adapting to, and making the most of, a continuously developing digital economy.’

Each institution has set its own specific challenge, which comes under one of three themes: retail, events and analytics. In the analytics category, the BFI has set a challenge entitled ‘Data and the cinema audience’; whilst in the events category, the Barbican’s challenge is ‘Engaging audience interaction with cultural programmes’.

For organisations or small businesses interested in making an application, there will be a briefing event in London on 29 January, where representatives from IC will be present to answer questions about the contest.

The deadline for applications is 26 February. The contest final will take place in April.

Further information on the contest can be found here.

Image: Super computer © Technology Strategy Board