Creative Europe Parliament votes to double budget

MEPs voted last week (28 March) to double the budget of the 2021-2027 Creative Europe programme. The increased funding is intended to enhance international circulation of works, support better mobility for artists and focus on better use of digital technologies in the creative sector.

Media literacy ranks high on the European parliament’s priorities for the programme, with members urged to develop critical thinking in this area.

Particular emphasis will be placed on the importance of engaging a young audience and the promotion of audiovisual works on legal channels.

Rapporteur Silvia Costa, said: “I wanted to strengthen three areas: the intrinsic value of culture; the mobility of artists and culture operators; and the development of a narrative on European common roots and diversity.

“European talent – especially the younger generations – should be able to move freely and to circulate their works, have the chance to work on coproductions, and be further supported in the face of the current lack of funds that is the cause of a major loss of opportunities.”

A larger budget will increase mobility for artists, encourage cross-border exchanges of creative players and artists, such as through residency programmes, while the books, film, music, festival, cultural heritage and architecture sectors will all benefit from different actions funded under this programme.

The final text of the programme will be negotiated and agreed with the council during the next parliamentary term.