Classical next puts out call for proposals and names 2019 jury

Classical:NEXT is asking for innovative, engaging and trailblazing ideas for its next conference. The 2019 edition takes place from 15–18 May at de Doelen in Rotterdam.

Proposals for conference sessions, pitches and showcases will be evaluated by a C:N jury. Submissions must be made through the online portal at before 28 September.

This year’s jury is made up of Sophie Lewis (managing director, National Children’s Orchestras of Great Britain), Masa Spaan (curator and programme developer), Mist Thorkelsdottir (head of international programmes in the performing arts, Office of Strategic and Global Initiatives), Rainer Kahleyss (editor and distributor), Leonardo Martinelli (composer and professor) and Matthew Hoy (cellist, programmer and advisor for Melbourne International Arts Festival).

“C:N challenges us to reimagine our concert practice in a contemporary and vital way,” remarked Spaan. “As a curator and programme developer, I am looking for forward-thinking programmes, concepts and ideas that will explore new horizons and provide a creative but honest future to classical music in its broadest way.”

In addition, C:N has named two curators for its club showcases: Eleanor Ward (executive director, Nonclassical) and Harriet Moss (managing director, Manners McDade).