Alice Cooper’s shocking show idea

Alice Cooper has announced he wants to create a new kind of interactive theatre show, one that shocks the audience – literally.

‘I’d like to have a residency in a theatre where you can control every sense, smell and touch,’ said Cooper in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. ‘You could…make the seat have a little shocker in it, or make it where smell comes into the theatre or you feel something behind you. That would be fun.’

Cooper’s rock shows have long combined theatre with rock and roll. In the past he worked with magician and stunt specialist James Randi to build a machine that appeared to decapitate the Cooper during one his songs.

The 68-year old musician has also announced that he is running for president against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. While doesn’t actually want to get elected, he hopes to highlight the ridiculous nature of current political campaigns. His current show includes zombie-style Clinton and Trump dolls.

Alice Cooper is currently on tour in the US until the end of October.