Williams begins work on Star Wars: Episode VIII

Composer John Williams has announced he will compose music for the eighth film in the Star Wars series. Star Wars: Episode VIII is due for release in December 2017 and continues the space saga that is now focussed around the character of Rey, played by Daisy Ridley.

It is Rey’s character that has caused Williams to stick with the series. The 84-year-old said that he was ‘enchanted’ with her, and did not want another composer to score Rey’s scenes. He will begin work on the soundtrack in the next few months.

Episode VII: The Force Awakens introduced Rey to the Star Wars story, with the filmmakers praised for putting a powerful female character at its centre. Williams has composed the soundtrack for all eight films in the franchise.

He has also won five Oscars for his film scores, including for Jaws (1975) and the original Star Wars (1977). Notable star wars pieces include the Main Theme, Cantina Band and The Imperial March, all of which have achieved fame beyond the films themselves.

The American composer made the announcement during a live show with Boston Pops.