Warner Classics launches new website

Warner Classics has announced it will launch a new version of its website which features a streaming player and integrated video.

Erato, the classical music arm of Warner Music Group, will provide 30-second samples of tracks from its catalogue of albums on the site’s database, allowing purchasers to try before they buy. Meanwhile, subscribers to Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify will be able to stream tracks directly through the website.

Markus Petersen, SVP global operations and business development, Warner Classics & Erato, said: “We’re entering a new era for Warner Classics as our repertoire really starts to reap the benefits of digital distribution. One of our prime objectives is to provide ready and enjoyable access to new and recent releases of today’s finest classical artists as well as to Warner Classic’s magnificent catalogue.”

The website redesign is intended to be user friendly, allowing listeners to discover new music by guiding them through the content available. It’s the latest in a series of developments in the industry to increase the number of classical music streaming platforms and stay up-to-date with digital developments.