Wanted – opera critics at ENO

English National Opera (ENO) has launched ENO Response to help find and develop the talent of future opera critics. Created in association with Lucy Basaba, founder and editor of theatre website Theatre Full Stop, 10 individuals with no history of publication will be picked to attend shows in the 2019-20 season and given 48 hours to submit a review for the ENO website.

The new reviewers will receive help and feedback to get their reviews in shape. Stuart Murphy, CEO at ENO, said: “Brilliant, informed and passionate critics are as invaluable to the industry as the performers, composers, musicians and hundreds of others behind the scenes in an opera house. A great critic can draw out meaning you missed, be a champion, a provocateur and a critical friend, and take you on emotional journeys as whimsical, moving, disturbing or humorous as the work they are responding to.”

ENO Response also builds on the work of the ENO Baylis Youth Programme (EBYP), which provides a platform for young people to express their ideas, develop their critical thinking and creative voice, and connect with professionals working in the industry. One member of the EBYP will be enlisted as a reviewer.

To be considered should submit an example of a review of a recent theatrical production (no more than 800 words) to response@eno.org, with your name, headshot and introductory covering letter by 20 September – an internal panel at ENO will then select nine further participants for the season ahead.