Want to win the lottery? Become an arts council.

Arts Council England is again one of the National Lottery’s few winners, thanks to an increase in digital sales. ACE’s total lottery receipts now stands at GBP265m (€344m), an increase of GBP13m on the previous year. Funding for all arts organisations went up by 5 per cent in 2015-16, from GBP359m to GBP380m.

Revenue for Camelot – the company that runs the UK’s lottery – has now hit GBP7.6b, an all-time high. While physical ticket sales have declined slightly digital sales have increased significantly to more than cover the shortfall.

However, 2015-16 is still not quite the highest year for arts donations, as GBP390m was given in 2012-13. The funding model has since change, meaning a lower percentage of Camelot revenue ends up in the hands of arts companies.

The spike in lottery sales over the last decade has been counterbalanced by a reduction in government funding over the same period. ACE now receives more than GBP100m less from direct government funding that in did in 2010-11.