UK Government report supports free movement of creative workers

A new report from the UK Government has highlighted the importance of free movement for creative workers within the EU. It comes after the FreeMoveCreate campaign lobbied for the needs of the creative sector to be considered during Brexit negotiations.

“The UK and the EU will also need provisions that allow for mobility in relation to these accords, for example enabling scientists to attend conferences and musicians to perform at concerts,” the report states. “The temporary movement of goods and equipment is a priority for cultural, creative and sports sectors. This includes instruments used by touring musicians, objects and collections loaned between museums, and sporting equipment taken to competitive events.”

FreeMoveCreate was led by A-N and the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM). ISM chief executive Deborah Annetts said: “We have long called for continued participation in EU programmes for UK musicians and it is great new to see this has been taken on board. The explicit recognition of the importance of mobility for our creative industries is particularly welcome.”

Further, the report called for an UK-EU culture and education accord.

“The UK proposes a new UK-EU culture and education accord that: provides for UK participation in EU programmes, and allows UK institutions to be partners, associates, or advisers to EU projects and vice versa; facilitates continued UK membership of EU cultural groups and networks; supports the restitution of cultural objects where these have been unlawfully removed; and, allows for the temporary movement of goods for major events.”

The full report, titled The future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union, can be read online at |