UK and Ireland unite to promote music talent

A new partnership which unites the national music development organisations of the UK and Ireland has been launched.

Horizons aims to bring together the musical culture and traditions of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales within a world music market. Launched ahead of WOMEX (The World Music Expo) 2013, which takes place in Cardiff in October, the collaboration will support the promotion of home-grown artists, developing international markets for their music.

Horizons partners are Arts Council England, Arts Council Northern Ireland, Arts Council Ireland, Cerdd Cymru: Music Wales, Creative Scotland, and Culture Ireland. The partnership is supported by the British Council.

Lisa Matthews of Cerdd Cymru: Music Wales said: ‘Horizons sees the UK and Ireland working towards a shared vision, working collectively to promote our individual music offers and sharing best practice and opportunities along the way. With WOMEX, the worlds’ leading world music marketplace, coming to Wales this October, it’s an ideal opportunity for us and our neighbouring nations to raise the profile of our music and our artists internationally. We can do this most effectively by working together.’

Ian Smith from Creative Scotland added: ‘The world of music is opening up. It really is an international field now, with complex routes to market and increasingly sophisticated business networks.

‘Music is a fast moving industry, and as small, individual nations, it is difficult for us to have a significant presence at trade fairs, markets and expos. The Horizons partnership offers us new collaborative ways of working and more effectively to promote the distinctive music and music cultures of UK and Ireland.’

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