Tony Awards reinstate sound design

Awards for sound design will be reinstated for the 2017-18 Tony Awards. The categories of Best Sound Design of a Play and Best Sound Design of a Musical were dropped in 2014.

The categories were originally culled because sound design was considered a technical rather than an artistic skill.

Speaking in 2014 Charlotte St Martin, chair of the Broadway League, stated that: “It was determined that sound design would be more appropriately considered as a special award when there was an extraordinary achievement rather than continuing to have a separate category.”

Several commentators – including 2014 Tony-winner Brian Ronan and Tony-nominated sound designer John Gromada – spoke out against the decision, which has now been reversed by the Tony Awards administration.

“We are very gratified by this outcome,” said Nevin Steinberg, co-chair of the sound design committee, in a statement. “Sound designers on Broadway will once again be recognised for the integral and creative work that their colleagues and audiences expect.”