Thousands gather for theatre conference

More than 1,100 theatre professionals came together in Washington DC for TCG16 to discuss the future of American theatre. The conference ran from 23-25 June and was organised by industry body Theatre Communications Group (TCG).

The theme for this year’s conference was ‘Theatre Nation’, based on the idea that all theatre makers are part of a greater whole. The conference asked questions such as ‘what is our bill of rights (and responsibilities) for citizens of Theatre Nation?’ and ‘how can our Theatre Nation model a more perfect union for our country and world?’

As well as sessions debating these questions the conference also included skill-building workshops, panel discussions on race and gender inequalities within the sector, and advice and support for those working in arts activism and political theatre.

‘It was a great (and needed) reminder of the power of theatre to educate and unite,’ said attendee Shannon Musgrave, associate artistic director of Salt Lake Acting Company. ‘It felt palpable in every room—people are concerned, riled up, and ready to make change.’

New additions for TCG16 included all-gender toilets, and a designated private room for new mothers. Children were also welcome to attend the conference, with the goal of making it as inclusive for parents as possible.