There’s a buzz around Leipzig Opera

Leipzig Opera has become the latest institution to install its very own bee colony – 50 metres up from street level. The bees moved into their brand new home on 6 June, with over 2,000 now buzzing round the roof of the famous opera house.

Bees actually thrive in cities, thanks to the diverse plant culture. Whereas often the countryside consists of single crop monoculture thanks to modern farming practices, cities are packed with trees, wildflowers, window boxes, parks and gardens that keep the bees well fed throughout the summer months.

Many cities across the world have taken part in similar projects such as the River of Flowers scheme that has seen rooftop gardens and bee colonies installed from Mumbai to Toronto.

The company plan to harvest the honey and sell it in its shop, making a trip to the opera an even sweeter experience. The project has been created in partnership with Naturschutzbund Leipzig.