The Little Orchestra prepares for Beethoven 2020 Journey

Next year, The Little Orchestra will launch its Beethoven 2020 Journey, where it will explore in unprecedented detail the life of Beethoven – featuring all nine symphonies and more – across 11 events in venues around London.

Ahead of this, on December 6 & 7, at the Royal Horticultural Halls, where The Little Orchestrawill preview what’s to come by way of his epic Ninth Symphony.

Nicholas Little, founder and artistic director of The Little Orchestra, said: “Before we embark on our colossal Beethoven Journey in 2020, we experience one of his greatest works – this is a perfect introduction.

“Next year, we are embarking on our biggest adventure yet. In multiple venues covering all corners of London, The Little Orchestra will be telling the life of Ludwig van Beethoven in a co-ordinated journey of 11 different events, each focussing on a chapter or aspect of his life and covering all nine of his ground-breaking symphonies. For the first time, we’ll also be showcasing some of his music for piano and smaller groups, with the same intimate environment you’d find at our full-scale events.”

Meanwhile, Mr Little said that The Little Orchestra is on a mission to break the assumption that classical music is relevant only to a select few.

He said: “There is no ‘correct’ way to appreciate what is being played, and one person’s enjoyment can come from a completely different place to the person sitting next to them. In our experience, however, one of the most rewarding ways to engage with classical music (especially if this is a new experience) is to understand the story behind it.

“And with Beethoven, the story is an absolute blockbuster.”