The King’s Singers rally against homophobia

In a decision that has prompted outrage from across the industry and beyond, the final stop of The King’ Singers United States tour was cancelled by the Pensacola Christian College in a blatant display of homophobia and discrimination.

Prior to the decision, The King’s Singers had led a workshop for the Florida college students and were expecting a crowd of more than 5,000 to attend their concert. However, with no more than two hours’ notice, the ensemble was informed that the college had cancelled the concert after learning that one of the singers “openly maintained a lifestyle that contradicts with Scripture”, in other words he was in a gay relationship.

Following an outpouring of support for the group across social media, The King’s Singers responded with dignity and grace, highlighting its mission to “bring people together, connect them and heal them through music” rather than dwelling on the injustice of the decision from the college.

With growing concerns about discrimination against LGBTQ+ people in Florida following “Don’t Say Gay” legislation to prohibit classroom instruction and discussion of sexual orientation in certain grades, the response of The King’s Singers and its supporters highlights the importance of sharing music “even if our politics and personal beliefs are different”.