The dance in Dallas exploring American femininity

A collaborative dance project exploring American femininity has been put together by none other than a team of 10-year old girls.

Dance group Dark Circles Contemporary Dance (DCCD) have collaborated with charity Girls Inc. on the dance piece Gal Friday, which will be previewed this Saturday, 6 August, at the North Park Centre in Dallas, Texas.

Josh L Peugh, artistic director of DCCD, worked with a group of 10 and 11-year-old girls to create the piece, which explores women’s experiences both at home and in the workplace.

Although the girls are not performing in Gal Friday, the performers workshopped the piece with the girls, and the choreography is inspired by their movements and ideas.

DCCD aims to tackle controversial topics and ideas through dance, and in keeping with its mission to make dance ‘as accessible as possible’, there will be no lighting or costumes, and a Q&A with the dancers will take place after the show.

Peugh wants to create a thought-provoking piece, and was very enthusiastic about the collaboration with Girls Inc. ‘They’ve really helped create the piece and we want to give them ownership of the work,’ he said.

Elizabeth Logan