Sweet treats: chocolate-covered audience

Theatre isn’t like the cinema; usually you can’t take snacks to your seats. However a new production has found a way around this: cover the audience in chocolate. CocoaDios combines dance, religious imagery and chocolate in an ode to America’s ancient rituals. It opens at House of YES in Brooklyn, New York, on 5 May.

Written by Chris Neuner and with choreography by Javier Dzul, CocoaDios promises audience will be, ‘immersed and adorned in chocolate,’ and, ‘participate in rituals.’ The show is performed in both English and Spanish, and features Mesoamerican imagery.

The contemporary score mixes Mexican music with pop influences and Mayan drumming, while the chocolate element ensures all the senses are stimulated. The 16 company includes Ana Isabelle, Joey Calveri and Khalid Rivera.

As well as being covered in chocolate audiences will also get to eat some of it (hopefully in a hygienic way). It runs from 5-21 May.