Stories of survival lead British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2019

Stories of survival will lead the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2019, tapping into the international traction of gender equality and identity politics. Taking place from 19-24 August, showcases in the 21st edition will address abuse, transphobia, #MeToo, gender identity, and the D/deaf and disabled experience.

Neil Webb, director theatre and dance at the British Council, said: “This year’s Edinburgh Showcase gives us a fascinating snapshot of artists’ stories reflecting what’s happening in the world today. I’m delighted the programme demonstrates how the British Council continues to champion diverse UK artists who deserve to be seen by a global audience.”

Stories of survival include Bryon Kimming’s I’m a Phoenix, Bitch [pictured], a show about personal experiences, while BURGERZ finds Travis Alabanza attempting to cook a burger on stage to purge themselves of a transphobic attack while exploring how trans bodies survive. Meanwhile a true story told by four women, dressed by ThisEgg, is based on healing and defiance after a traumatic attack.

Birds of Paradise Theatre Company examine disability and notions of male machismo in Purposeless Movements. With Louder is Not Always Clearer (Mr and Mrs Clark) and Scored in Silence (Chisato Minamimura) both exploring the life as deaf people through dance and digital performances.

Responding to the #MeToo movement, It’s True It’s True It’s True by Breach Theatre makes use of an all-female verbatim courtroom drama to restage the 1612 trial of baroque painter Agostino Tassi for the rape of his student Artemisia Gentileschi. While Oh Yes Oh No by Louise Orwin asks “how do we understand female desire in a post #MeToo world?”

Seeta Patel, who was selected for the first Edinburgh Showcase Artistic Development Programme in 2015, will  present Not Today’s Yesterday with Australian choreographer Lina Limosani; the show blends Indian classical dance form bharatanatyam with contemporary dance and theatre.