Stockholm Royal Opera offers weddings with Pride

Lots of performing arts companies are involved with LGBT activities, but few go as far as Sweden’s Stockholm Royal Opera, who are opening up their Guldfoajén hall for drop-in weddings as part of Stockholm Pride 2016.

‘We want this highlight our commitment to LGBT people and everyone’s right to marry whoever they want,’ said Opera’s CEO and director Birgitta Svendén. ‘Providing a beautiful place for couples who want to marry feels like a great honour.’

Not only do happy couples get to marry in the glamorous, gold and gilt-edged splendour of the Royal Opera House, they also have a celebrity conducting the service, with acclaimed opera singer Rickard Söderberg officiating.

Stockholm Royal Opera House

Said Söderberg: ‘My wedding day was one of the best in my life; a moment when we are completely focused on the love for each other. And I cannot imagine a greater happiness than to be allowed to instil this feeling in all who want to marry.’

Stockholm Pride takes runs from 25-31 July, with 15 couples expected to tie the knot at the opera house on 29 July. Couples interested in taking part should email to express their interest.