Spotify backs global database of women in the music industry

SoundGirls and Spotify have teamed up to create EQL Directory, a global database of women or non-conforming people working in the music industry. Its goal is to increase female representation in the sector.

Anyone can list themselves on the database, and the hope is that it will enable companies to find non-male candidates for audio jobs. At present, SoundGirls estimates that less than five percent of all audio professionals are women.

“This is a great tool to create more opportunities for women,” said producer TRAKGIRL. “We have to continue the work and create more inclusion and diversity in male-dominated spaces; we have a lot of work to do, but this is an awesome start.”

An EQL Advisory Board has also been established, made up of TRAKGIRL, Lauren D’Elia, Jin Jin, Kesha Lee and Ali Tamposi.

“SoundGirls already had this global directory of women in audio and production, and we came together to help them make it more beautiful, more useful, and more visible within the industry,” commented Spotify director of social impact Kerry Steib. “We know that increasing equity for women in these fields is a complex problem to solve. We have to work with great partners across the industry and come together to create solutions.”

To see the directory or list yourself, head to