Sibiu International Theatre Festival goes online

Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS) has decided to reschedule all of its events until 2021. Instead, this year it is hosting an online edition under the theme ‘empowered’.

The new festival programme will stream online from 12-21 June. While details are not yet confirmed, the organisers have said that it will be made up of archival performances from artists who have received – or will soon receive – stars on its Walk of Fame.

“We have decided to stay with our audience in Sibiu and around the world through a special online edition,” said festival president Constantin Chiriac. “The world’s big international events need to continue and during this lonely period, we need art more than ever – whether it is theatre, dance, music, literature – to soothe and empower us to trust the future.

“For ten days, twelve hours per day, FITS will bring the audience an online stream including great performances representing the best of theatre, opera, dance, music, contemporary circus, by renowned artists.”

Chiriac added that The Sibiu Performing Arts Market, Therme Forum and other special FITS events will also take place in an online form.

All events will be streamed online on the Festival’s communication channels. Sibiu Performing Arts Market will run online from 15-17 June, with registrations here: