IAM Vol 19 Issue 11


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Tonhalle Zürich


  • What does the Autumn Statement have in store for UK creatives?
  • Arts Council England launches new fund
  • Is a cultural visa waiver closer than you think?
  • What’s in a name?
  • Symphony Orchestra of India returns to the UK
  • Scottish Opera celebrates emerging artists
  • How you can help to save Ballet of Difference
  • Womex to celebrate 30th anniversary in new host city
  • APAP announces new cohort for career development programme
  • Upcoming events

Musical Chairs

  • From promotions to retirement – find out who’s on the move

Classical Music Signings

  • Keep up to date with the latest industry news

Competitions and Awards

  • sideNotes: 50 shades of a string quartet
  • Prize winner news and competition deadlines
  • 77th Concours de Genève report

Tonhalle-Orchestre Zürich

World New Music Days travels to South Africa

Rebel in the Arts: Grace Okereke


  • Jo Peskett
  • A week with the former Digital Content Manager at Rebecca Driver Media Relations (RDMR)

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