Select your subtitles

Vienna State Opera (VSO) is now presenting shows with subtitles in six languages. The new technology made its debut on 4 September during a performance of Verdi’s Il trovatore directed by Daniele Abbado.

Each seat of VSO’s 2,021 capacity auditorium has been fitted with a screen that allows audience members to select subtitles in the language of their choice. The text is white on a black screen so as to cause minimum light interference. German, English, Italian, French, Russian and Japanese options are all available.

“After 16 years, it was necessary to replace the original subtitle system installed in September 2001, as it had become liable to errors and an increasing number of displays were starting to fail,” said VSO in a statement, adding that the new system: “provides additional languages (previously only English and German were available), improves the readability of the subtitles, and – in addition to the subtitles – also introduces a comprehensive modern infotainment system.”

The infotainment system will act as a digital programme, providing a brief synopsis of the work, a list of cast members and other information relating to the performance. VSO plans to launch in-seat drink and food ordering in the near future.

The new subtitle system was developed by Lemon42 in partnership with Marconi.