Scared stiff – House of Kittens plans erotic theatre show for Halloween

Theatre company House of Kittens is planning something a bit different for Halloween. Amatory Asylum is an “immersive erotic theatre show” that explores female identity, empowerment and sexuality.

Opening on 31 October at The Wellington in London, Amatory Asylum is made up of short theatrical sketches followed by a drag ball. It draws on cult films, high fashion, musical icons, and underground art. In particular, the show is inspired by traditional sensual practices, updated for a modern context.

“The audience will find themselves transported into a world of sensual theatre to experience a unique, immersive journey embracing the surreal, the dramatic and the erotic,” said organisers in a press statement.

Amatory Asylum comes from House of Kittens founder and director Sophie Cohen. After its Halloween outing the show returns for two more dates on 14 and 15 November.