Safe gigs for women partner with Skiddle

Safe Gigs For Women (SGFW) has announced a new partnership with online ticket retailer Skiddle.

Skiddle will actively promote SGFW’s mission, with a goal of reducing cases of sexual harassment at gigs, club nights and festivals. This will be achieved through a series of awareness raising events, fundraising activities and media campaigns.

“By working with a ticketing platform of their size, we hope to increase the reach of our message right across the UK, to events of all sizes,” said Sarah Claudine from SGFW. “We want everyone to attend events knowing that they have a right to be respected, and anyone who violates or abuses that is not welcome and their actions will not be tolerated.

“SGFW has always adopted a ‘pre-emptive’ stance, tackling negative attitudes and behaviours before they have the chance to escalate, and it is our hope that a partnership with Skiddle will allow us to achieve that on a larger scale than ever before.”

Added Skiddle founder Ben Sebborn: “The fact many women do have to put up with unwanted and uninvited attention is inexcusable and as an industry we need to work together to stop this. We hope by working together we can ensure all live music events are safer and more welcoming spaces in the future.”

This is SGFW’s first partnership with a ticket retailer.