Recipients of Tasmania’s 2017 Aboriginal Arts funding programme announced

Dr Vanessa Goodwin MLC, Minister for the Arts at the Tasmanian government, has announced the successful recipients of the 2017 Aboriginal Arts funding programme.

In 2017 AUD26,160 (€18,392) will be distributed through Arts Tasmania to support six Aboriginal artists develop projects in writing, dance, music and visual arts.

Said Goodwin: ‘This year’s recipients demonstrate the capacity Aboriginal artists have for sharing Tasmania’s unique cultural and contemporary histories through their arts practice.’

Emerging visual artist, Rodney Gardner, will receive funding to undertake a mentorship towards developing a body of work for his first solo exhibition.

Musical team Doug Mansell and Codie Mansell will receive funding to undertake a mentorship assisting in the passing down of Island songs and music from grandfather to grandson.

Arts and cultural worker Ruth Langford will receive funding to deliver a three-day culturally specific workshop for local Tasmanian Aboriginal printmakers and bush dye artists.

Emerging writer Adam Thompson will receive funding to undertake a mentorship to assist him in completing 12 short stories for publication in 2017.

Visual artist Grace Williams will receive funding through Ten Days on the Island to participate in a collaboration with New Caledonian artist Nicolas Molé and local artist Ben (Jamin) Kluss for the Ten Days on the Island 2017 festival.

Dancer Craig Everett will receive funding to undertake a skills development intensive residency working with nationally renowned cultural performer Sete Tele at Launceston’s Tasdance Studio.

Goodwin also announced more than AUD2.3 m of grants will be made available through Arts Tasmania’s Organisations Investment Programme 2017. Though this was reduced somewhat as AUD1.5m had been committed to multi-year funding agreements.

Beneficiaries of the Organisations Investment Programme 2017:

Community arts and cultural development
Kickstart Arts Incorporated: AUD60 000 for 2017
Kickstart Arts is a leader in community arts and cultural development in Tasmania with strong connections to local communities. This investment will help Kickstart contribute to a vibrant culture by making contemporary art with communities from diverse backgrounds, including refugees, people with disabilities, at risk young people, elders and others.

The Unconformity Inc: AUD59 500 for 2017
The Unconformity Inc. will present Momentum, a series of multi-artform works by Tasmanian artists of national repute and international experience who will be commissioned to interrogate the geography and psychosocial atmosphere of Queenstown.

Music Tasmania: AUD80 000 for 2017
The peak industry body representing Tasmania’s contemporary music community, providing strategic ongoing opportunities for artists to develop their craft and to present their work locally and nationally.

Performing arts and performing arts venues
Blue Cow Theatre Inc: AUD 130,000
The company will commission and produce original Tasmanian work and provide development opportunities for emerging and professional theatre practitioners.

Mature Artists Dance Experience Inc (MADE): AUD45,881 for 2017
Investment for THE FROCK, a collaboration between the company, renowned Australian choreographer Graeme Murphy and dancer Janet Vernon. THE FROCK will be a performance installation featuring an ensemble of 10 mature dancers and will be presented at Ten Days on the Island in March 2017.

The Tasmanian Theatre Company: AUD125,000
To help the Tasmanian Theatre Company present its 2017 artistic program.

The Theatre Royal Management Board (The Theatre Royal): AUD150,000 per annum (2017 & 2018)
The Theatre Royal’s 2017-18 programme will deliver a diverse range of high quality, contemporary performing art experiences from international, national and Tasmanian professional theatre companies and artists.

The Tasmanian Writers’ Centre Incorporated: AUD120 000 for 2017 and a guarantee against loss of up to AUD7,000
The Tasmanian Writers’ Centre will receive investment to deliver its annual programme to support writers practically, financially, professionally and technically. The guarantee against loss will also assist the centre deliver the 2017 Tasmanian Writers and Readers Festival.

Organisations with multi-year funding to receive funding in 2017:
BIG hART Inc.: AUD118,000 per annum (2016-19)
Contemporary Art Tasmania: AUD200,000 per annum (2016-19)
Design Tasmania: AUD103,200 per annum (2016-17)
Island Magazine Inc.: AUD100,000 per annum (2016–19)
Performing Lines Limited (Tasmania Performs): AUD200 000 per annum (2016-17)
Sawtooth ARI Inc.: AUD55 000 per annum (2016-19)
Stompin: AUD89 000 per annum (2016-19)
Tasdance: AUD250,000 per annum (2016-19)
Tasmanian Poetry Festival: AUD7,000 per annum (2016-19)
Terrapin Puppet Theatre Ltd.: AUD210,000 per annum (2016-17) & AUD140,000 per annum (2018-19)
Theatre North: AUD150,000 per annum (2016-19)
The Australian Script Centre: AUD52,000 per annum (2016-19)