Punchdrunk to present a new show for children at LIFT 2018

Acclaimed British theatre company, Punchdrunk, will premiere a new work for children at this summer’s LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre), at Bernie Grant Arts Centre (2 June – 13 July).

The company is best known for its long-running immersive show, Sleep No More, which has played to audiences at The McKittrick Hotel, New York, since March 2011, and more recently, Kabeiroi, an intense immersive show for an audience of just two people (November 2017).

Suitable for children aged five to 11 and their families, Small Wonders captures the essence of relationships across the generational divide. The family friendly piece, directed by Peter Higgin and Tara Boland, and written by Nessah Muthy, seizes upon the relationships we have with the elderly as it tells the story of Nanny Lacey, whose life will change when she moves into a care home.

Fitting with Punchdrunk’s immersive style, the audience find themselves in Nanny Lacey’s flat in Tottenham. Soon to move into a care home, Nanny has grown forgetful. Surrounded by homemade creations of the adventures she’s shared with her daughter Bella, Nanny has one more story to tell.

Conceived by Punchdrunk, Small Wonders was inspired by the stories of the Tottenham UpLIFTers: a five-year artistic partnership with two Tottenham schools (Duke’s Aldridge Academy and The Vale School).

The production welcomes children and their families and carers. Adults attending without children are not permitted.Small Wonders is not suitable for children aged under five years old and so babies and toddlers will not be admitted. A LIFT, Bernie Grant Arts Centre and Punchdrunk commission.