Paul Smith – Six in Sixty

Early bird or night owl? 

Very much an early bird!

One routine you swear by? 

I love all sports, but going for a run is something I always do, wherever I am in
the world. 

Can’t travel without…?

My trainers, coffee and Daniela (not in that order).

Who or what has influenced you most in your career? 

My brother, Barnaby. He’s never ever worried about telling his brother what he really thinks and then helping with solutions, and that truth is so important in challenging how we think.

Favourite city and why? 

Impossible to choose, but I probably prefer nature to cities. Last year my mind was blown by visiting the third biggest cave in the world in Vietnam.

Guilty pleasure/indulgence?

A really good negroni.

Paul Smith is Co-Founder and CEO of VOCES8 and the VOCES8 Foundation. To discover more about VOCES8, visit
@hatchmyideas @voces8foundation